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Add:West of Linbai Road, New Coal Chemical Synthetic Material Base, Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, North of Railway
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1, High purity synthetic method, the purity of the product can yield more than 99.95%, water and alcohol content is lower, to meet the demand from safe solvent resin ink, coating, adhesive and bio pharmaceutical industry;
2, With the domestic patent technology, synthesis, separation, purification of attention, with more professional production, to achieve lower energy consumption, more competitive products;
3, Production, technology, equipment, advanced equipment, full automation and management, raw materials, finished products are analyzed by means of strict detection and measurement, product quality is stable and reliable;
4, The factory is located in Taizhou city along the Yangtze River, has good storage ability, with gold waterfront transportation advantage, product radiation east China region, the geographical position is superior.

Pump and valve by professional selection only, pipeline using high quality 304 stainless steel material, much more reliable and long life.

Apply advanced patent synthesis method, lower energy consumption, more competitive product.

Apply automatic distributed control DCS system operation and management, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, high quality of personnel.

Factory is only 17.2 kilometers away from Taizhou port, can be reached within half an hour.