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Main purpose and contact opportunities: used as solvent, flavor, artificial leather, reagent, etc..
Invasive approach: inhalation, ingestion, percutaneous absorption.
Human harm: with anesthesia and stimulating effect. People with higher concentrations of this product can cause eye, nose, throat and respiratory irritation symptoms. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the effect of sexual anesthesia. Slow recovery after cessation of exposure can cause corneal opacity. On the skin can cause dermatitis and eczema. Contact with this product vapor can cause burning eyes, tearing, respiratory problems, headache, dizziness, palpitations, depression, central nervous inhibition. The resulting from the decomposition of methanol can cause vision loss, visual field and optic nerve atrophy. High concentrations may occur in the role of anesthesia and liver, kidney congestion; sustained large amount of inhalation, can occur in acute pulmonary edema. Chronic effects may have secondary anemia, white blood cells, visceral swelling and fatty degeneration. Occasionally occur allergy to this product, a small amount of after inhalation due to vascular disorders of gingival bleeding.
Diagnostic points:
(1) who showed mild irritation of the eyes, burning sensation, lachrymation, cough, chest distress, headache, dizziness and other eye, nose, larynx, trachea mucosa.
(2) severe respiratory problems may occur as a result of respiratory problems, heart palpitations and central nervous system depression. There are reports of the optic nerve atrophy.
Treatment principle:
(1) patients should be promptly removed from the scene. Rinse eyes with water rinse, other parts of the body with soap and water pollution and water, with 4% sodium bicarbonate gastric lavage.
(2) symptomatic treatment, if the symptoms of methanol poisoning, then according to methanol poisoning.