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Main ingredients: pure product
Appearance and properties: colorless, transparent liquid, with fragrance.
Relative density (=1): 0.92
Relative vapour density (air =1): 2.55
Vapor pressure (kPa): 13.33 (9.4)
Flash point: -10
Combustion heat (kJ/mol): 1593.4
Compounds in water solubility (S): 24.5 mL g/100, 20 C
The octanol water partition coefficient (KOW) value:
Ignition temperature (c): 454
Explosion limit% (V/V): 16
The lower explosive limit (V/V): 3.1
Stability and reactivity: stability
Hazardous characteristics: flammable, its vapor and air can form explosive mixture, in case of fire, high heat can cause combustion explosion. Contact with oxidant. The vapor is heavier than air, to a far place in the lower spread, will encounter fire fire backdraft.
Packing method: small open drums; ampoule bottle outside the ordinary wooden box; threaded mouth glass bottles, iron cover pressure mouth glass bottle, plastic or metal barrels (tank) ordinary wooden box.
Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents.
No complexes: strong oxidizing agent, alkali, acid.