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Operation management
Closed operation, full ventilation. Operators must be trained in strict compliance with the operating rules. Recommended for the operator to wear a self absorption filter type gas mask (half mask), wearing chemical safety glasses, wear anti-static overalls, wearing rubber gloves. Stay away from fire, heat, smoking is prohibited in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation system and equipment. To prevent vapor from leaking into the air in the workplace. Avoid contact with oxidant, acid, alkali. It should control the flow rate, and there is grounding device to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. When transporting light light, to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Equipped with corresponding varieties and quantities of fire equipment and emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may contain harmful substances.
Storage management
Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat. The temperature should not exceed 30 DEG C. Keep container seal. Should be separated from the oxidant, acid, alkali, avoid by all means is mixed. Using explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities. Mechanical equipment and tools that are prohibited from using the easy to produce sparks. Storage areas shall be provided with a leak emergency treatment equipment and suitable housing materials.
Transportation management
The transportation vehicles shall be equipped with corresponding varieties and quantities of fire equipment and emergency handling equipment. Best in the morning and evening transportation. The tank (tank) used in the transportation shall be grounded in the chain, and the tank can be arranged in the slot to reduce the vibration generated by the. With no oxidant, acid, alkali, edible chemicals mixed mixed transport. Transportation should prevent insolation, rain, high temperature resistant. Stay away from fire, heat, high temperature area. The vehicle exhaust pipe of the goods to be shipped must be equipped with an anti - fire apparatus to prohibit the use of mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to produce sparks. Highway transportation should be in accordance with the provisions of the road, do not stay in the residential areas and densely populated areas. Railway transportation to prohibit running. Prohibit the use of wooden boats, cement bulk transport ship.
Waste management: Disposal by incineration.